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Dean's Word

Prof. Dr. Husein Dury Abaza

(The Elected Dean of the Faculty)

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the honor to elect me the dean for your venerable faculty, the faculty which I always like most and work hard for it. So I concern with serving all faculty members, their assistants, and employees in the faculty.

Also I would like to take the chance to express my congratulation on the new academic year, wishing Allah to help us and makes it a happy year for all of us and for our Arab, Islamic nations.

It is a great event for me that I'm the first elected dean after our great, peaceful and innocent revolution (25th Jan, 2011).Such revolution which always carries a message to the whole world that we can't forget our rights which were grabbed for more than three decades.

This revolution showed that our people have wakened up with the help of Allah, to rock the land under the dictatorial regime. They were able to do that by the help of Allah, the clear and honest will. 

My dear colleagues and employees

Let's start to do our best , as the following days need our great efforts with great will, our country has rights so we should give it all its rights and any right to whom it posses .

My advice to my colleagues in work is to do their best in work, I will be with you, and supporting you. Hand in hand we can go forward and with our trust in Allah we can do it, Allah will lead us for the better.

We ask Allah to make our faculty appearance in the best way to get great quality and put its steps on the international path and progress. According to Allah speech we Act! Allah will behold your actions and (so will) His messenger and the believers, we want to graduate students who have the sportive ability to compete not only his Arab peers but also his foreigners. 

At last I will cooperate with all with all my pleasure for both faculty members , the employees, and my students in our faculty.